My passion for skincare began at a very early age.  I remember how my mother took great care of her skin, often receiving compliments on her youthful appearance.  To this day, her skin defies her age.  She taught me the importance of having a good skincare regime, and without her influence, I am sure that the struggles I had with my own skin during my teens and beyond would have been far worse.

Brushing the despair aside, I started on my own personal journey to find skincare that suited my very sensitive skin.  As a result, I became very knowledgeable in ingredient technology and felt that a more innovative approach was needed for successfully nurturing my skin back to health.

I threw myself into learning more.  At 18, I was named Best Student on a ‘Beauty Consultancy’ course and went on to study Human Biology, Psychology and Counselling, followed by Anatomy and Physiology at the University of Nottingham School of Nursing & Midwifery.  The more knowledge I could get, the better! I was drawn, in particular, to the mind-body connection – how the human body worked and how external influences caused it to react. This led me to a path of holistic wellbeing where I studied Aromatherapy, Nutrition and Ayurvedic and other therapies. But my passion was always skin health.

I was fortunate enough to take my extensive knowledge and training, and study directly under Kundan Mehta, the inventor and author of Face Lift Massage who’s husband received an MBE for his services to massage therapy.  In 2004, I was able to introduce this therapy to Nottinghamshire and before long was fully booked with very happy clients!

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I pride myself on providing only the best therapies and treatments that will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed and wonderfully rejuvenated. I have continued to develop my Specialist Facials, all of which use ingredients that have been hand-picked for their active ingredients and non-invasive technologies for their amazing results.

What makes my facials special is that I take the time and care to make sure my clients’ experience is as beautiful as they are.

What you will gain from me is a genuine passion and love for skin health. Treatments at Soothe really work and I know you’ll benefit from them.

I have brought together decades of research and learning to provide what I believe is a multi-faceted approach to skin health – one that is scientific, nutritional and holistic.

My reputation as a highly knowledgeable, ‘skin-obsessed’ therapist led to an offer of a dream job – being flown out to Bologna, Italy, to source a cosmetic manufacturer for a brand new line of skincare I was asked to create.  I led every aspect of the project, from concept to package design to ingredient specification.  I was also invited to work with a manufacturer of skin supplements, advising on a range of anti-ageing skin supplements, sold in a major high street store. Fun times!

After taking a break to recover from a repetitive strain injury, I embarked upon the next step of my journey and set up my own skin health and wellbeing business, which is how, in June of 2013, Soothe came to be.

I look forward to treating you.